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  • Jenny’s Articles about Autism
    Teaching On-Task and On-Schedule Behaviors to High-Functioning Children with Autism Via Picture Activity Schedules  For many teachers, the objective for their students with Autism or any disability should be for them to be independently engaged and to decrease dependency on adults suggests Hall, McClannahan, & Krantz, 1995; Mechling & Gast (1997). Ac […]
  • Interventions for Students with Reading Disabilities
    In the article, Using Story Grammar to Assist Students with Learning Disabilities and Reading Difficulties Improve their Comprehension by Maria Earman Stetter and Marie Tejero Hughes, the use of story grammar is reviewed.  Story grammar includes story elements such as the main idea, setting, characters, and plot in narrative texts.  Students with reading dis […]
  • Make a Difference: Article Summaries
    In their article, Nathan, Stackhouse, Goulandris, and Snowling (2004) discuss the development of early literacy skills in students with speech difficulties, and how that affects literacy development in their later years.  Initially, the findings of three previous studies of children with speech and language difficulties were discussed.  Each study concluded […]

Mildred Speranza Award for Teachers in Catholic Settings

Through the generosity of alumna Mildred Speranza, St. Kate’s will offer a $200 per credit stipend (off of $475) to a Catholic school teacher completing the Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction or our New Technology Integration program.

Mildred Speranza graduated from St. Kate’s in 1939 with a degree in French and went on to receive law degrees from the University of Minnesota and William Mitchell. She was President of Produce Exchange Bank from 1960-1980. This family bank helped Italian immigrants in the early 20th century secure funding to buy homes and start businesses in Minnesota. She was one of the first women bank presidents. She attributed her own success, in part, to the strong education she received in Catholic schools. One arm of her generous and ongoing legacy of community building is to support teachers who work in Catholic settings.

Attend an online information session to learn more about this wonderful opportunity.

St Paul, MN Produce Exchange Bank painted sign

Mildred Speranza Award for Teachers in Catholic Settings

Congratulations to Abigael Morales!

Abigail Morales ’16, a student in the Master of Arts in Education, Curriculum and Instruction program, has been named as the recipient of the Mildred Speranza Award for Teachers in Catholic Settings.

Morales, who teaches 6th grade at Sacred Heart Elementary School in Monticello, Iowa, found out about the University ‘s graduate program through Facebook and learned of the award after speaking with admission representatives during an online information session.

“I loved that the school was founded on Catholic principles and continues to place a strong emphasis on social justice,” she says. “I am so excited to start this journey to grow professionally as a reflective educator so that I can continue to increase my students’ learning in meaningful ways.”

Integrity and Ethics

St. Kate’s as a whole affords students considerable opportunities to explore the many ways in which our work, our food, our consumption, our service, our spiritual practices contribute to the greater good. We consider plagiarism an integrity issue, and foster an environment where students know how to ask for help before “mistakes are made.” Even so, sometimes we may find ourselves entering “grey” areas where we wonder, “Is this ethical?”

This chart can be a helpful resources in considering this question as it relates to issues of academic integrity and plagiarism.

Did I Plagiarize?

Welcome Back to School!

During our back-to-school workshops the Education Department enjoyed opportunities to work with faculty across the university on a number of critical skills for facilitating student success. Dr. Kelly shared great strategies for building students’ critical thinking skills, Dr. Heacox led faculty considering strategies for differentiating instruction, and Dr. Anderson worked with Librarian Leann Suchy on Technology Integration skills. 

Enjoy a review of your own tech integration skills here: 

Using Digital Tools to Improve Student Outcomes or Faculty Efficiency

Hope you own back to school efforts have been rewarding and rejuvenating!

1:1 Course and Collaboration

We’ve enjoyed working with experienced 1:1 Teachers and Tech Integration Specialists this summer from near and far as we polish the curriculum for our new online class on best practices in 1:1 Content Creation and Pedagogy. The themes are surprisingly universal from around the region, and the outcome of transformative practices after two or three years of implementation is the exciting ending about which we continue to hear.

Share your knowledge or sign up to learn more with St. Kate’s on link below.

1:1 Best Practices in Content Creation and Pedagogy


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Katie CoderDojo


Thanks to all the mentors that support our Katie CoderDojo — the St. Kate’s initiative to help girls into creating our digital futures. You come too?

Originally posted on Making and/or Breaking:

You guys!  You guys.  You guys.  You guys.

You have GOT to get in on this mentoring thing.

Last night, I was a mentor at the Katie Coderdojo, and it was SO COOL.  I worked with the younger girls, 8-11, who were using Scratch.

It was definitely the closest I’ve come to the whole maker movement vibe since I was a kid doing similar stuff myself.  The girls were so excited about what they were doing.  They were helping each other.  There was frustration and aha moments and so much pride in the end products, even when the girl next to them had done something more involved.

We had task cards to direct girls who were new to it, and it was really cool to see how these girls would take the simple ideas and make something out of them.  For example, there was a task about making a…

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