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Leigh Zika

Ethics in the Information Age
EDUC 5993

Leigh Zika

We can define the Information Age as being a term used to describe our current time period, one in which there has been a shift from the previous industrial-based economies ushered in by the Industrial Revolution to the information-based economies ushered in by the widespread development of the internet and computers/computing/networking capabilities.  In this economy, information has become both a resource and a commodity, and access to the internet and to information, or lack of access, can be a determining factor in both personal and business success.


New Student Kick Off

Had a great day today with the new teachers starting St.Kate’s graduate programs for practicing teachers today!
One of our more fun projects was to create 3D images of the St. Kate’s campus. Using your laptop or phone you can virtually stand in varied spots around campus. Enjoy!

Coeur de Catherine near the Spillane Room

Our Lady of Victory Chapel

Dew Drop Pond view from chapel

Bridge over Dew Drop Pond

First Floor Mendel Hall

Entrance to Butler

Students — if you have another image to share please post the link in the comments section here!


SciGirls and St.Kate’s Partner

Who designs the bikes we ride? The apps we use? The buildings where we live and work? These real Minnesota women work every day to make our lives better. Will you be one of them?  #SciGirls #WomenInSTEM

TPT SciGirls Video Snapshot

During the first year of our three year iTEST Grant with Twin Cities Public Television we are busy gathering female role models for teachers to share with their students in CTE and STEM classes.

Combining the power of media and the impact of role models, a new series of role model videos are now streaming at These 12 short films feature young women from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds sharing both the challenges and triumphs of “a day in the life” in the science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) workforce. Role models broaden girls’ views of women in STEM jobs, and expand girls’ visions of what’s possible in their own lives. These videos show women in nontraditional technical fields at work and at home, describing their challenges and successes in a variety of STEM and trades careers.

“The women in these videos have been trailblazers their entire careers,” said series producer Marie Domingo. “Their stories are inspiring and relatable, and they’ll motivate today’s high school girls to prepare for the jobs of the future.”

Producer Angie Prindle adds, “SciGirls has an 11-year history of inspiring middle school girls by showcasing STEM role models and mentors. We are grateful to the National Science Foundation (NSF) for supporting SciGirls as we grow to serve a high school audience.”

A television special showcasing six of these stories, SciGirls Stories: Real Women, Real Jobs, premieres on TPT2 on May 27th, on TPT MN on May 29th, and will also be available online at

This video series was produced as part of “SciGirls Strategies: Gender Equitable Teaching Practices in Career and Technical Education Pathways for High School Girls,” an NSF-funded project designed to help high school educators recruit and retain more girls from diverse backgrounds in nontraditionally female STEM and career and technical education (CTE) classes and career pathways. Teachers and counselors from across the Twin Cities metro area have successfully applied gender equitable strategies to their classroom practice in the first year of this initiative. Minnesota teachers interested in participating in the second year of this project can email Siri Anderson at St.Kate’s to learn more.

Research shows that role models inspire girls to think differently about their potential futures. Work in STEM or CTE and want to help? Sign up for FabFems if you would be willing to share your expertise with young women.


Education Student to Showcase her Art


First year Education graduate student Maren Daniels will be showcasing her paintings in an upcoming exhibit entitled Vessels. A reception will be held on Thursday, May 5th from 4-6pm in Northwestern Hall at Luther Seminary (1501 Fulham Street, St. Paul). The pieces are an expression of Maren’s experience  battling an illness. Her artist statement explains the collection in more detail:

Art is my outlet and voice- my understanding and simplification of complex and personal struggles. Since the fall of 2009, I have found myself expressing my internal challenge with illness. Themes of powerlessness, confusion, and empowerment come through after my experience with Bacterial Meningitis. Being confronted with my mortality at eighteen years of age continues to affect the creative choices I make through painting.

In 2013 I requested to see my medical records. This sparked a completely new series in self-expression. While paging through these sheets, though abrasive and difficult in content, I discovered the beauty of the cells that made me ill. These slides of my microscopic bacteria created a conversation. These vessels, layered in color and line, combine to form my physical and emotional experience.

My interest in creating stems from an incredible cathartic and healing power that emerges when I paint. I have always found happiness in painting; the ability to add layers and experiment with color thrills me. I am grateful for the inspiration that has emerged from my illness. My intent in continuing this creative journey is to experiment with divergent thinking. This form of thinking allows me to explore the many layers embedded in my struggles with illness; it enhances my voice and allows room for a variety of outcomes.


C-STEM at St. Joseph Catholic School

Catholic Schools CSTEM

The C-STEM program supported by St.Kate’s at St. Joseph Catholic School was recently featured  the Catholic Schools Center of Excellence April 2016 issue, and was previously featured on The Catholic Spirit website.

Teachers at St. Joseph were enrolled in the STEM certification program offered through the National Center for STEM Elementary Education (NCSEE) at St. Kate’s.


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