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21st Century Literacy – Chelsey Earney

Dr. John Seely Brown, New Learners of the 21st Century (PBS clip)

Co-chair of the Deloitte Center for the Edge and Visiting Scholar at the University of Southern California

 Extended Interview: Dr. John Seely Brown

            In this clip from the PBS video New Learners of the 21st Century,Dr. John Seely discusses how students are different learners now than before.  He describes how students in the 20th century memorized information while students now need to be able to search, sort, and analyze information.  In the interview, he talks how kids are passionate and eager to share, collaborate and create with others that have the same passion as themselves.  Kids now are able to do this with others around the world.

The piece of the interview that had the greatest impact on my thinking was when he was talking about how kids want to learn something new.  “These kids live for picking up something new, they live for trying something new” (Seely, 3:30)  If I want to learn how to become more flexible or how to curl my hair a certain way, it is easy for me to find this information on the web.  Kids are constantly looking for new ways to improve themselves.  Seely’s example came from his kid neighbors on the island of Maui trying to learn new surfing tricks and sharing their own tricks online.  I think teachers are the same way.  We love to learn a new game or activity to teach a skill.  Physical Education teachers have made a couple great sites for sharing game ideas for specific skills.  This makes me believe that my blog is very important information to not just parents but also other educators that may be looking for new ideas.  It encourages me to think of how I can use my students to come up with new games and how they can share their favorites through my blog as well.  Such as if my students come up with a unique game or a juggling trick, I can post this and hope that I have inspired my students to continue to create and share what they know as well as search for new ways of doing things.

After watching this interview, being literate means to me that students are able to share ideas and knowledge of specific skills to others in a creative way through blogs and videos.  It also means that students should be able to search and analyze information to help them improve or obtain a skill that they did not have before.

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