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New Action Research Reports Available

Congratulations to all of our graduates from 2012-2013.  You can learn from our students’ Action Research projects by reading their reports featured in the St. Kate Database Sophia, or linked here!

Curriculum and Instruction Action Research Reports from 2013

Using Common Formative Assessments to Guide Fluency Instruction, Kelly Adrian, Abbigail Volek, and Christa Ranweiler

The Effects of Technology Integration on Student Engagement, Justin Banitt, Sharon Theis, and Lucas Van Leeuwe

Implementing a Successful Collaborative Learning Environment, Andrea P. Beasley

The Effects of Reading Strategies in Comprehension for Elementary Age Learners, Jennifer Blickenstaff, Ellie Hallquist, and Kandi Kopel

Using the Guided Math Framework to Provide Differentiated Instruction, Sarah C. Donovan

The Effects of Using Math Talks to Improve Instruction in a Kindergarten Classroom, Julie Frank

Improving Assessment Scores Through Daily 5 Math, Brandy Geloff

The Effects of Visual Arts on Reading Comprehension of 3rd Grade Learners, Kelsey Gravalin and Kimberly Maki

Increasing Homework Quality and Completion Through Improved Student Engagement, Amber Gullickson, Amanda Primus, and Eric Primus

Closing the Reading Fluency Gap in Six Minutes, Amy Hanzal

Student-Authored Word Problems and Their Impact on High School Mathematics Students’ Engagement, Jacob Heidelberger

Teaching Fact Fluency through Focused Strategies, Kelly Jahn and Joan Selle

The Effect of Title 1 First Grade Math Intervention, Amanda J. Jensen

Improving Homework Completion by Improving Class Website, Marcy Kickhafer

The Effects of Leveled Book Room Resources on the Attainment of Reading Standards, Deanna Krueger

Building Vocabulary in Secondary Classrooms Using Best Practices, Rebekah Lund and Amanda Johnson

Engagement of Advanced Learners Through Differentiation of Content, Kristi Meyer and Dayna Zins

Positive Behavior Intervention and Support on the Playground, Teri M. Miller

The Influence of Character Education on Positive Behavior in the Classroom, Matt Montonye, Sonja Butenhoff, and Shawn Krinke

Improving Kindergarten Students’ Knowledge by Enhancing Engagement in Literacy Centers, Magdalene B. Pearson

Effects of In-Class Formative Assessments and Student Contracts on Homework Completion and Summative Assessments, Brian Robertson

The Effects of Using iPads to Increase Basic Math Fact Automaticity, Nicholas P. Sunderman and Kyle S. Shaughnessy

The Effects of a Rubric Used as a Formative Peer/Self Evaluation Tool, Nicole E. Vaith

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