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New Action Research Reports Available

Congratulations to all of our graduates from Spring 2014. You can learn from our students’ Action Research projects by reading their reports featured in the St. Kate Database Sophia, or linked here!
Curriculum and Instruction Action Research Reports from Spring 2014.

The Effects of Using a Systematic Approach During Mathematical Instruction, Heather Arroyo

The SIOP Model as it Pertains to ELLs in a Mainstream 2nd Grade Classroom, Sydney Azure

The Benefits of Collaborative Learning in the Elementary Classroom, Crystal Daugherty

Using Different Strategies to Aid in the Acquisition of Sight Words for Students with Specific Learning Disabilities, Amy Ersland

Supporting Kindergarten Classroom Teachers: Improving Literacy with Young English Learners, Rachel Higgins

What Effect Will Talk Partners Have in a Primary Writer’s Workshop?, Erin Jacobson

Differentiated Math Interventions for Third Grade Students Using Push-In and Pull-Out Models, Anne Jarzyna-Ingles, Tara Schletz, and Melissa Young

The Effects of Word Study in Place of Traditional Spelling, Amy McCarthy

The Effects of Sheltered Instruction Observation Protocol on Student Content Knowledge and Teacher Performance in the Art Classroom, Jennifer Welle

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