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Welcoming Spring, with Gratitude!

bouquet-156651_1280 (1)One of the many features of work for which I am grateful is the gift of being able to read teachers’ literature reviews about topics of concern in their practice.

This literature review on The Effects of Gratitude on Student Engagement (opens in new window) serves as a reminder of the importance of gratitude, and the joy of a well-written literature review!

Graduate student in AM2, Vanessa Callaghan, summarizes:

“Numerous studies have investigated the benefits of gratitude, focusing on outcomes such as enhanced well-being, strengthened relationships, and increased life satisfaction.  However, research has primarily focused on adults and adolescents, leaving much to learn about gratitude in younger children.  Drawing upon a large body of positive psychology research, engagement research, and gratitude research, this section examines the connections between the Montessori approach, positive youth development, and gratitude interventions in schools.  Specific gratitude interventions and curricula are examined in order to illuminate various strategies and developmental considerations.  Finally, this section reviews school intervention suggestions in regards to younger students (e.g., six to nine years old) and synthesizes them into a tailored intervention.”

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