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Twin Cities Start Up Weekend for Education to be hosted by St.Kate

One important attribute of the successful teacher: She is constantly identifying ways that education in her classroom could be improved. Sometimes this involves small tweaks — a new seating arrangement, an encouraging call home, an after school invitation for a help session — other times there are larger tweaks — new curriculum resources, redesigning unit plans, writing a grant to get additional support, reaching out to parents and community members to get involved.

But where does a teacher take her ideas for a major tweak? For instance: A software that could instantly translate communications into the home languages of her families… An app that could help her track both positive and negative information about student learning outcomes… A curriculum (that doesn’t exist yet) that would tie music to computational thinking to broaden the base of her students ready to go on and participate in or challenge today’s digital realities…

Don’t tweak out! The place to go with those ideas,  your solutions to everyday educational problems, is a startup weekend for education. In this environment, great ideas are supported and developed into prototypes or functioning solutions in 54 hours!

You might think of this as a barn-raising weekend for educational improvement.

The 2017 Twin Cities Start Up Weekend for Education is being hosted by St.Kate’s–which means at least half of the participant and leadership seats will be held for women. Join us!


Sign Up with EventBrite or check out the website: TCSWEDU2017.

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