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Welcome Heather Dowd!

Dowd-HeatherThe Education Department welcomes Heather Dowd who will be teaching Literacy and Learning Redefined in the Digital Age in our graduate program for licensed educators. Heather Dowd is an educator, author, presenter, and keynoter who loves science, design, and learning. She has worked as a physics teacher, instructional designer, and education technology coach in the United States, Mexico, and Singapore. She currently enjoys leading professional development workshops helping teachers create engaging learning experiences for students.

Heather volunteers in the Cell Lab at the Science Museum of Minnesota to stay true to her inner science geek. Teaching English with the JET program in Kumamoto, Japan inspired her to become a teacher and the adventure hasn’t stopped. Heather is a Google for Education Certified Innovator and Trainer, Apple Distinguished Educator, and author of “Classroom Management in the Digital Age”. She believes that students should have access to current technology in order to connect to the world and be creative in ways that weren’t possible when she was in school. Outside of school, she likes to travel, take photos, play the piano, spend time with her family, and get in touch with her artistic side.

To learn more about Heather Dowd, visit her website.

Welcome Heather!

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