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Academic Professional Development Committee (APDC) Grants-Congrats Dr. Kaback!

Image of Suzanne Kaback

During the fall 2017 Academic Professional Development Committee (APDC) grant round, St. Catherine University faculty submitted 13 proposals requesting a combined total of over $67,000 for research, scholarly activities and curriculum development projects. With just $29,917 available to allocate, the APDC grant reviewers awarded funding for six of the 13 proposals, which will be completed during the current academic year.

Congratulations to Dr. Suzy Kaback who was one of six proposals to receive funding from the APDC committee! Her pilot study, edTPA On-Boarding: The influence of professional development on cooperating teachers’ knowledge about a state-mandated performance assessment, will explore the effect of professional development on cooperating teachers’ knowledge about a state-mandated performance assessment (edTPA), and their perception of the edTPA as an educative tool for new teacher growth and reflection.

Additional congrats to St. Catherine University Faculty from various departments who also received funding from APDC in Fall 2017. They are:

  • Holistic Studies Narrative Study
    Principal Investigator: Laurie Anderson Sathe, Holistic Health Studies

The purpose of this research is to gather the stories and narratives of St. Catherine University’s Holistic Health Studies graduates’ field work. Ultimately, this will contribute a broader narrative of what holistic health looks like in practice, as well as provide insights into the field’s next phase of evolution.

  • Undergraduate M-STEM student perceptions of careers in aging
    Principal Investigator: Alvina Brueggemann, Public Health

The aim of this qualitative study is to examine underrepresented undergraduate M-STEM students’ attitudes toward aging research careers. The study will focus on perceptions of older adults, aging careers, and STEM persistence, to inform an NIA grant application and the expansion of gerontology studies at St. Kate’s more broadly.

  • Nighttime postural care: Caregiver training and outcome measure feasibility
    Principal Investigator: Jennifer Hutson, Occupational Science & Occupational Therapy

This feasibility study examines a caregiver training protocol and the psychometrics of an outcome measure used to address issues of health for children with cerebral palsy. Results will inform the design of a nighttime postural care intervention study.

  • Comparative transcriptomics to investigate carbon and nitrogen exchange in the lichen symbiosis
    Principal Investigator: Tami McDonald, Biology

The objective of this project is to sequence the transcriptomes of two closely related lichens to identify the transport proteins that carry carbon and nitrogen between the fungal, algal and cyanobacterial partners in the lichen symbiosis.

  • Moving LIS 7030 from a face-to-face format to online
    Project Developer: Sheri Ross, Master of Library and Information Science

The goal of this curriculum development project is to develop online curriculum for LIS 7030: Knowledge Organization. This project represents the department’s first effort to build a course to be delivered completely online.




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