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NSF Research Opportunity for Middle Level Science Teachers

We received this announcement recently and want to encourage teachers to consider participating in this research. You need to teach three lessons from or within the tool this year. It is NearPod like in it’s interactive structures.

If you do join, tell us what you learn and if you recommend this tool for other teachers!


I’m Seijin from PlayPosit. I’m spearheading our research grant in conjunction with the National Science Foundation (NSF) and leading research professors.

I am excited to announce the release of AdaptivePosit, PlayPosit’s brainchild to increase student engagement featuring a pre-built curriculum that adapts videos to each student’s proficiency level.

We are seeking middle school science teachers who would like to receive AdaptivePosit for free. We are looking for participants who are

  • simultaneously enthusiastic about incorporating technology into their science curriculum and
  • willing to participate in our Phase II user study.

If this sounds like you, or someone you know, fill out this 3-field form to receive free access to our first unit, Structures of Matter, a 12-video-lesson unit, ready-to-use in your classroom. We will follow up with you shortly to help you get started.

Start Up Week EdTech Track

St. Kate’s==>Lead. Influence. 
Becuase of our longstanding focus on using intellect and a social justice lens to drive innovation and scholarly pursuits, we appreciate the work being done by Start Up Weekend and Start Up Week to foster entrepreneurial efforts that can improve education. You can participate for free in many of the events hosted during the upcoming Start Up Week in the Twin Cities. Channel your inner innovator and consider attending one of these events!
Welcome to the Ed Tech Track
The education system is ripe for disruption. In the Ed Tech & Training Track, attendees will be introduced the innovators who are challenging the status quo in education by integrating emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence, virtual education platforms and big data, to improve the efficacy of the way we teach and train our students.

Check out these Ed Tech Track events:

Monday, October 8

Tuesday, October 9

Wednesday, October 10

Thursday, October 11

Friday, October 12

…And these are just the Ed Tech Track events. There is even more to check out with the full schedule. Don’t forget to get your ticket to build out your schedule!


EdEx Partnerships Launched

To expand our reach helping teachers develop computational literacies — from coding to physical computing and data crunching — we have begun partnering with organizations that provide high quality K-12 curriculum in Computer Science (CS) fields.

Zulama Game Design Course Professional Certificate

Teachers can learn curriculum designed in a partnership between the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA) and Zulama by EMC School, and earn a graduate credit through St.Kate’s. The course is aligned with student curriculum, and could be taken as part of a more in-depth dive into CS education with additional courses offered online at St.Kate’s.

Together, we can better help students get the knowledge and skills they need to be citizens and creators in this new economy.

Many thanks to the team at Zulama and CSTA for creating this partnership for the greater good!

Contact Dr. Anderson to learn more about how you or your organization can join in this expanding network of organizations committed to building the common good and sharing the power of computational literacies with all.

Zulama CSTA SCU Partnership


Transforming Teaching and Learning

Many thanks to talented alum and dedicated St. Paul teacher Dani Imbertson for sharing her experience of learning at St. Catherine University!

Alum: Remember you can use the Refer-a-Katie benefit to pass on a $300 scholarship to a teacher you refer to the program!

Teachers: To learn more, check out options for Graduate Education Courses, Certificates and Degrees–application materials here as well! We offer coursework in STEM, Curriculum and Instruction, Technology Integration, Digital Video, Computational Thinking, Literacy, Assessment Practices, Math and more!

Begin an application by May 1 for Summer Enrollment in a graduate program.

Discount Code!

We are thrilled to announce that Girls Who Code is offering St. Kate’s affiliated youth a discount to attend the two week summer campus programs to girls 10-18 years old this summer in three Twin Cities locations.

Full scholarships are available. Also: If applicants use the promo code STKATES prior to April 30 you can have a $200 discount on the costs.

In addition to considering these for your own child, could you help us get the word out?

We are so happy Girls Who Code has chosen to bring their proven curriculum to Minnesota. The campus programs are a real investment in any young woman’s future. As evidence: Many of the corporations that have helped to fund Girls Who Code have also agreed to prioritize internships to young women who have completed one of the Girls Who Code programs! *(You can see the companies we are talking about listed on this partnership page.)
If you have any specific questions about the program or other ways you might bring computer science to kids and teachers you know, feel free to reach out to Siri Anderson. Thanks for your assistance in getting this opportunity in front of other families with girls aged 10-18!
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