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The Power of Story

As we enter into this school year, some of us may encounter a student that is “stuck” with a fixed mindset about an area in which growth is needed.

Recognizing the power of story to capture our attention and encourage our capacity to consider multiple perspectives, I asked a friend David Swirnoff, to write a parable on this topic. The result, hosted on StoryBird walks a reader of any age into this important concept: Parable on Fixed vs. Growth Mindset.

Read more in this month’s issue of ASCD’s Educational Leadership, Resilience and Learning. Or, to learn more about the concept of MindSet, pursue lead researcher on this topic, Carol Dweck whose website allows you to also test your own MindSet.

Related materials on the function of “grit” in determining one’s capacity to succeed and persevere are found in the work of Angela Duckworth. You can enjoy some of her findings on this TEDTalk: The Key to Success is Grit.

Best of luck in leading your learners to embrace a growth mindset and influence their level of grit.

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