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Connections — School to Home, Grade to Grade, Student to Student…

Canoe PaddleAnyone who has sat behind a person in a canoe knows the importance of well-timed collaboration skills for moving the boat forward.

Given the reality of almost free and virtually instant connections between any two persons with access to the World Wide Web–and a shared understanding of how to “connect”– teachers can also organize student’s moving forward in their learning as a collaborative effort.

Considering the multiple possibilities for interaction can be overwhelming — but teachers, parents, and students are encouraged to brainstorm opportunities to make meaningful connections both during and outside of class and just begin somewhere! Doing one thing well is much more effective than understanding a hundred things and doing nothing!

Some examples that have worked in my experience:

  • College students can mentor middle school students
  • Grandparents can encourage and provide constructive feedback to elementary aged children
  • Experts on any topic can visit a classroom learning about that subject via Google Hangout or Skype
  • Parents can tap into what is actually happening in their children’s learning environments to prompt broader conversations around the dinner table, encourage students to recall and rehearse new learning, and foster personal connections to the learning.

For those new to the opportunities of online connection, there may be some useful resources in this TIES Presentation on School to Parent Communication by Dr. Roxanne Pickle and myself. There is a special emphasis in materials here on meeting the needs of exceptional students as well.

What do you do or plan to do in the future?

Difficult Behaviors, Creative Solutions

Difficult Behaviors, Creative Solutions

Syneva Barrett

Please enjoy this recorded-webinar in which Diane Heacox and Syneva Barrett discuss creative solutions to behavior problems in the classroom.

Diane Heacox

Matt Hardy KidBlog Introduction

Matt Hardy KidBlog Introduction

Photo of KidBlog creator Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy

Please enjoy this recorded-webinar in which Matt Hardy introduces the fantastically teacher- and K-12 student-friendly blogging tool he co-authored: KidBlog.

If you want to “see” some of the layouts, go to our Curriculum and Instruction or Masters in Montessori pages and click on the links to the RSS feeds around the borders.

What are your favorite blogs? Have you blogged with your learners? Please share your examples with us here!

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