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EdEx Partnerships Launched

To expand our reach helping teachers develop computational literacies — from coding to physical computing and data crunching — we have begun partnering with organizations that provide high quality K-12 curriculum in Computer Science (CS) fields.

Zulama Game Design Course Professional Certificate

Teachers can learn curriculum designed in a partnership between the Computer Science Teachers’ Association (CSTA) and Zulama by EMC School, and earn a graduate credit through St.Kate’s. The course is aligned with student curriculum, and could be taken as part of a more in-depth dive into CS education with additional courses offered online at St.Kate’s.

Together, we can better help students get the knowledge and skills they need to be citizens and creators in this new economy.

Many thanks to the team at Zulama and CSTA for creating this partnership for the greater good!

Contact Dr. Anderson to learn more about how you or your organization can join in this expanding network of organizations committed to building the common good and sharing the power of computational literacies with all.

Zulama CSTA SCU Partnership


Parents Take Control of Your Home Internet!

Graduate student Rob Mathis created a set of tutorials for his EDUC 642 Service Learning project to help parents set up their home wifi to protect children. Click here to go to his wiki where you can watch three tutorials at home and set up your server to work under parameters with which you are comfortable. This might include precluding access to certain web content or controlling the hours that certain networks are available to your children’s devices.

Parents Take Control of Your Home Network

Mathis Screen Shot

Thanks Rob!

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