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12626569493_4ffd64fbd9_zMaster of Arts in Education: Technology Integration

Academic Technology Integration focus opportunities include:

  • Using digital tools to facilitate differentiated instruction, student engagement, parent communication, and authentic learning
  • Teaching K-8 students computational thinking and computer programming skills within existing standards
  • Creating Maker Spaces that foster STEM integration
  • Best practices in 1: 1 pedagogy and curriculum development
  • Building community and designing online communications that further your instructional and/or organizational mission
  • Ethically-grounded digital technology practices and policies for K-12 settings

Our 97% retention rate shows we are committed to student success.  Learn more and sign up for an online information session here:

Program of Study details:

  • Based on your interests and current skill set, choose 12-18 credits in academic technology integration coursework and 12-18 credits from our core online graduate education program of study for a total of 30 credits
  • Complete a culminating action research project around implementation of academic technology with an interest in improving student outcomes or your efficiency and see it published in Sophia
  • Go at your own pace — complete in under two years or up to seven
  • Forge ahead on your own, or bring a learning team of 1-3 other teachers and do some assignments collaboratively and potentially face-to-face across the program
  • Link to the St.Kate graduate catalog for more course details and use this Program Planning Sheet TechInteg MAED to guide your choices

Working together, we can build a truly digitally literate and mature population, prepared for leadership in the 21st Century, starting with our youngest learners and building capacity across our communities.

Our students are ready, if we know where to guide them, to create a brighter future for themselves, for their families, and for all.

Contact Info: Dr. Siri Anderson, Director of Online Learning, 651-690-6121


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